Monthly Archives: April 2020

Stay at home, boring, but…

keep on learning. Trying to keep a positive point of view these days can be challenging. Now is the time to embrace something new or revisit an idea you thought you would never have time for.  Such things as: watch a series of TED Talks, short presentations on a wide variety of topics.Here is one of my favorites!

All kinds of webinars are being offered and many of them are on timely subjects. Search for reputable organizations who have been on the forefront of an issue.  There will be a day when you interview for a job and the interviewer will ask ” what did you do during the COVID-19 pandemic”.  Do you really want to respond ” I lived in my pj’s and felt sorry for myself and ate chips and salsa?”  Instead you will impress with ” I attended a webinar from the National Consumer Law Center of the effects of the CARES Act on law firms “. Impressive!

Keep safe, stay at home, wash those hands and wear a mask- if not for yourself, for someone’s grandparents, parents, sister, brother, parent. child or fellow USC Law community member.

Lessons learned… so far

Existing under a stay at home order has been an opportunity to learn a few things, some good, some not so great!  Here is my list and I urge you to make your own.  Just the process of thinking about this can reduce some of that pent up frustration

  • I thought I loved a laptop computer but I really miss my desktop one!
  • Spam does not stop arriving in my Inbox
  • There is not much on TV in the middle of the day
  • People do wonderful things for others in an emergency
  • My cat really does sleep all day
  • Pro Bono is really personal and face to face
  • Being able to operate virtually is a virtue
  • My house has never been cleaner
  • The sound of a human voice ( not a TV one) is welcomed
  • Fed-ex trucks sound different than UPS
  • We were not prepared for a pandemic.

Most important observation- greatly miss seeing, hearing, talking, having coffee, sharing lunch, complaining, laughing, encouraging you, our law students.

Pam and Stan (my new part time assistant)