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Wear a mask (or even a costume) to the Virtual Friday Blitz

Oct. 25-31 is National Celebrate Pro Bono Week!  We are doing our part to celebrate the amazing work lawyers and law students do to help the most vulnerable by holding a VIRTUAL FRIDAY BLITZ.  What is this? It is a team effort to respond to legal questions posted by the public on the SC. website.  Each team will consist of a lawyer and a law student who will utilize the chat feature to discuss solutions, draft and send responses.Our goal is to reduce the backlog of questions and to provide simple responses and possible links to other resources.

Sorry 1L’s this is not open to you, quite yet, but Jan. will be here soon! Here is the link to sign up

2L and 3L’s Don’t graduate without participating in one of these events.  A great networking opportunity!

UPDATE:  We have 15 lawyers signed up, lawyers from all over the state. Plenty of room for law students!  You don’t want to miss this networking opportunity. So few chances to meet and work one-on-one with an attorney but the Friday Blitz is amazing!


SC Bar Convention Special Blitz Days

A networking bonanza!!!!!

23 January24 January

This special Blitz will match teams of 4 students in shifts of 2 hours with lawyers attending the SC Bar Convention at the Columbia Convention Center. Each team will respond to questions posted by the public to

Sign up for a shift at this link:

Laptop required. No additional training needed but experience at at Friday Blitz is preferred.

Thursday’s hours are 11-5 and Friday, 9-5.

News, updates and requests!

I recently posted this on TWEN but realized that many of you have not joined us on that platform ( sigh) but not to worry, here is the information

Here are a few updates and items of interest from the Pro Bono Program
1. Buttons!  Yes, we now have reminder buttons for all volunteers to help them to remember to enter their volunteer hours into M.Y. Pro Bono: Managing Your Pro Bono. It takes less than 10 seconds and is a great habit to prepare you for those billable hour reports ( Yikes ) More information here:
Come by the office to pick up your button!  It’s a good look!
2. Looking for just a few special volunteers from all three classes! We will form a team of super stars to create a legal information flyer for the 5th Circuit Public Defender’s office.   Time is flexible.
3. Are you just overwhelmed with school, work, life?  But still want to help the Pro Bono Program? It may not seem like much but helping us put up posters about Daniel’s Law or the Responsible Fathers Registry is simple but important.  Getting the information out about these two issues is key and a constant need.  Come by and get a packet of ready to put up posters and post as you drive around the state. Not to worry there are suggestions and information. Good for male and female students
4. 2L and 3L’s There is still room at the Friday Blitzes for this semester.  Once a month from 2:30-5 at the SC Bar Building.  A chance to work along side an attorney as you respond to questions posted by the public to an online forum.  Entertaining and a learning experience for all of us. Sign up and details here:
Any Alumni on this list? We would love to see YOU at the Friday Blitz!
5. HELP!  Not the Beatles song but the twice a month Homeless Legal Clinic.  ANY law student can conduct the intake interview.  The HELP Clinic is held the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:30-10 at Transitions. A great way to interact with attorneys! Sign up here:
6. Last reminder! Still adding names to a list of new volunteers willing to serve as guardians ad litem in Probate Court. Once we have a list of 10-12 volunteers sign-up, a convenient training schedule will be set up! Typically this involves 4 two-hour sessions in the evening.  Once trained you will be paired with an experienced volunteer. The team will be appointed by the Probate Judge, review the file, conduct an interview of the proposed guardian and the alleged incapacitated person and file a report with the Court. Whew! Sounds like a lot but in reality each case is fascinating and do not take long. Big on experience and low on time commitment!
Have questions? want more information?  Check the web and contact the Office now
That’s all folks!
Pam Robinson. 

Summer Friday Blitz!

Not only is it hot outside but the SC Free Legal Answers website has a backlog of burning questions!  Join us on August 2nd from 2:30-5 as we respond to those questions.

With the start of the academic year just around the corner this is a great chance to get back to work!  Good news!  No need to be dressed for success, flip flops are ok with us. Sign up here:

and don’t forget your laptop! Yes, there will be snacks.