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New School Year!

So much about the Fall semester will be new. For the Class of 2024 it is all a mystery and even for some in the Class of 2023 being in the building will feel strange. But for those of us who have been here all along we say:

We have missed you and are looking forward to an engaging pro bono experience with limited ZOOM meetings!


When reading attorney disciplinary reports I am often surprised at just how stupid some people can be. You would think that the threat of losing that hard earned license to practice would be a deterrent to bad behavior. Not so much as you can see here:

A disciplinary referee is recommending immediate disbarment for a suspended Orlando, Florida, lawyer accused of ramming her car into a rented vehicle on her ex-husband’s driveway, breaking his girlfriend’s car windows and spitting on police.

Laughter is the best medicine…

…a good chuckle or a full-blown belly laugh helps reduce stress and causes you to think positively!  If you need a good laugh check out the selection of cartoons posted on the bulletin board in the hall next to the Pro Bono Program office ( Room 386). There is something for everyone!