Stuff-we-hope-you-won’t-need-but-might-be-useful- because of Irma!

These tips came from Harvest Hope and were a bit different from the usual hurricane preparation ideas.  Stay safe

Hurricane Irma: Helpful Tips and Tricks
Turn your washing machine into a cooler: Fill it up with ice and close the lid to keep items cool. And don’t worry about what to do when the ice begins to melt; the machine is designed to drain water.
Your dishwasher can be a waterproof safe: It’s sealed to keep water in, so it should do just fine keeping it out too. Just make sure all your dishes are taken out before loading up important documents or belongings.
Water bottles and flashlights make great lanterns: Instead of purchasing an expensive lantern, try taping a flashlight to the bottom of a water bottle to illuminate a room. For a bigger glow, try a larger water jug with a head light strapped onto it.
Aluminum dish pans can keep your furniture out of water: It might not do much in major flooding, but if water begins to pool on your floor, placing those disposable aluminum cooking pans around the furniture legs can help minimize water damage.
Plastic bins and bags are your best friend: These are water tight and can store a variety of items you either want to keep safe or dry.
Make extra ice ahead of time: Freeze water in bags or bottles. When the power goes out, you’ll likely need it.
Fill up the tub with water: You might not need it for drinking, but it will come in handy if you’re looking for water for cleaning, boiling or flushing!
Take pictures before the storm: It’ll be a big help for insurance purposes, in case you have to make a claim due to damage. All you need is your cell phone. The best thing to do is walk through each room slowly, narrating what the camera is looking at and take a visual inventory of things covered by your insurance policy. Make sure to send that video to someone or upload it to the cloud, so you have it when you need it.
Store is out of bottled water for drinking? buy ice and let it melt, it starts with filtered water!